Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Haiti Update: December 2011

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners…
Greetings again from the Short household. We hope and pray that your Christmas and New Year celebrations were full of joy and God’s presence. This month the update will be much shorter. December was a time of cleaning up many of the activities from the year and preparations for 2012.


We have been blessed to receive funding to build three more homes for pastors and/or widows. One is currently in the process of being built and two of the donors are planning short-term teams over the next couple of months so that they can be a part of the construction. We are moving forward with the construction of the School of Joy on the Jeremie University campus. This school will be for primary and secondary students and when completely built out will host up to 2,000 students. We will also be starting construction on the church plant in BonBon soon as well as additional buildings on the Jeremie University campus as funding comes in. I am also in the process of working with a fundraising specialist to try to get some of our bigger construction projects funded through foundations that target these kinds of activities in countries such as Haiti.

Travel for 2012

The calendar is already beginning to get filled in for travel this coming year. I will be joining one of our partner churches from Shreveport, LA the middle of next month for a scouting trip. They are working with a local university and are trying to put together a summer education program for the children at a couple of our orphanages. The focus will be on English and French as well as some basic training is areas such as hygiene. I am then scheduled to share at a missions conference at another one of our partner churches in Georgia the beginning of March. If we can get all of the supplies ordered and the shipping in place then I will be joining a construction team the last week of March to install a campus-wide solar solution at the Jeremie University. I never thought that I would be getting trained in the design and installation of solar power.

Prayer Requests
Here are some basic needs that you can be praying for:

ESMI Requests
  • Dony St. Germain (President of ESMI) shared our plans for ministry growth for 2012 in a recent email. You can read of these ambitious plans at http://www.esmihome.org/2012/01/approaching-2012-with-confidence/
  • Please pray for guidance and direction as we strive to execute these plans for 2012. 
  • Pray for the work at the Jeremie University. There will be a lot of details that need to be coordinated throughout this year as we continue to add new buildings and the solar power solution. 
  • Pray for the existing churches, orphans, schools, and medical clinics under our care. There have been many changes and challenges in our funding for these activities and we need God’s blessings as we strive to glorify Him in these areas of ministry. 
  • Pray that churches will catch the vision of reaching out to those in need in Haiti. Now that we are coming up on the second anniversary of the earthquake many people have forgotten of the devastation that took place and how far we are from recovering from the disaster. 
  • Please be praying for our orphanages. We are in the process of restructuring our funding of this part of our ministry and we will need new partners in the sponsorship of these precious children. 
Personal Requests
  • We are starting this year off with fewer supporters than we had last year. The economy is making it difficult for people to meet their own needs at home as well as offer support to others. Pray that I will be diligent in reaching out to potential donors and more importantly a good steward of that which is being provided. 
  • Pray that I will have wisdom in the work that I am being called to do as I am being tasked with newer items to work on and needing to learn new skills along the way. 
  • Pray that I will represent both our Lord and the work that He is doing through ESMI effectively and accurately to the different sponsors and foundations that I will be approaching this year. 
Our prayer is that God will truly bless you and your loved ones throughout this year. We want to thank you for your ongoing support in the form of thoughts, prayers and financial donations.


Remember... In all that you do: Walk with God and Follow your Heart!!!

God bless you and have an awesome day!!!

Esse Quam Videri